The name Harrods is synonymous with decadence and luxury, and so it should be. Harrods is the largest and most famous department store in Europe, occupying one million square feet of retail space, with over 5000 employees throughout their 330 departments, the store can only be described as jaw dropping. At peak times they receive up to 300,000 customers per day, many there just so they can say, I've been to Harrods. Indeed, a visit to Harrods is on most tourists must do list and it is easy to lose yourself for hours amongst the beautiful displays of the finest products on the planet. Now why would such a large and obviously wealthy company only have a department store ? Well they don't, if you wish to deposit or invest money there is Harrods Bank, and if parking is a problem you can always charter a helicopter from Air Harrods or when your shopping spree just won't fit in one of their luxurious carrier bags, have an assistant call Harrods Aviation to take care of it.

When I write articles on department stores I usually list their various departments and products on offer, but with 330 departments and thousands of products, I think I will just tell you a bit more about Harrods. If the constant exercise of emptying your wallet and craning your neck in awe has left you hungry, you can always choose one of the store's 8 restaurants. Spread over 4 floors, their restaurants and tea room offer the finest cuisine from around the world including tender roasted meats, oysters and caviar, delicious lobster and even the most expensive sandwich in the world, one of its ingredients being foie gras.

Shipping & Delivery

If ever there was a department store that offered every gift item imaginable, it is Harrods. Why not send a special treat to friends and family abroad with their worldwide delivery service that includes Spain. Delivery to Spain takes 5-6 working days and costs £20.