Who would have thought a pair of sheepskin boots would find fame and fortune on the beaches of California.. Only an Aussie !!.. UGG Boots have come a long way since Australian surfer Brian Smith landed in Southern California with a bag of sheepskin boots and a dream.

Most of us can't conceive the idea of woolly boots and the beach, but if you are a surfer you will know that no matter how warm the climate, hours spent in the sea leaves you cold, especially around dawn when the surfing is the best. Many fellow surfers shared Brian's love of easy to wear sheepskin boots to relax in whilst waiting for the perfect swells to start rolling, and his boots soon became popular. He founded the UGG brand and by the mid 1980's his boots were more than just popular, they were a symbol of a chilled out yet sporting lifestyle. Enjoyed, not only on the beaches but in large cities, small towns, ski shops and ski slopes around the globe. The UGG collection now includes, clothing, accessories, sandals, flip flops and trainers.

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Yes it's official, whether chilling on the beach or braving the ski slopes, UGG Boots make the perfect gift and UGG's international delivery service lets you treat friends and family wherever they may be. Delivery to Spain takes up to 5 working days and costs 7.95€