With their headquarters based in North Yorkshire, VetUK is a licensed online retailer of pet medication and pet care products. The company was established in 2005 with the view to increasing the availability and reducing costs on a wide range of pet products. With state of the art dispatch software and a dedicated and fully trained customer service team, they did just that, and by 2012 had reached their millionth order. They doubled that figure by 2014 and now have a comprehensive range of prescription medicine, over the counter treatments, pet food, toys and accessories.

VetUK don't just sell animal products, they are animal lovers and are corporate sponsors of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust as well as having their own Charity Programme. Having once required the services of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Managing Director of VetUK, Iain Booth is a dedicated supporter of their charity organisation.

Household Pets

  • Food & Treats
  • Specialist Food & Treats
  • Grooming Products
  • Behavioural Aids
  • Training Aids
  • Pet Supplements
  • Dental Care
  • Ear & Eye Treatments
  • Tick & Flea Products
  • Worming Treatments
  • Rabbit Supplies & Bedding
  • Guinea Pig Supplies
  • Ferret Supplies
  • Chinchilla Supplies
  • Mouse & Rat Supplies
  • Fish Supplies
  • Aquarium Treatments
  • Aquarium Equipment
  • Turtle Food & Care
  • Wild Bird Supplies
  • Domestic Bird Supplies
  • Bird Medication
  • Bird Feeders
  • Poultry Supplies
  • Bird & Bird Cage Accessories

Horses & Ponies

  • Horse Stress Relief
  • Horse Supplements
  • Horse Wormers
  • Horse Fly Control
  • Equistro
  • NAF
  • Tack & Stable Products
  • Horse Grooming

Shipping & Delivery

Quite often when living abroad we don't get the care and attention we would expect for our pets in the United Kingdom, and there are times when simple products which should be available over the counter can only be obtained from a vet. Now you can use VetUK's European delivery service to send pet products to friends and relatives overseas. Delivery to Spain takes 3-5 working days and the cost per small/light order is £2.99 For heavier orders up to 30kg the cost is £12.00